Victorian Home Heating and Cooling Upgrade program

The Victorian Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program offers eligible Victorians a $1,000 rebate to replace their old gas, electric or wood-fire heater along with homes with no heating with energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioners, with a new energy efficient electric reverse cycle split system.

Under the program, eligible households can receive:

Who is eligible?

Owner-occupied households:

Currently, eligible Victorians (owner-occupier household) who need to replace an inefficient heating system, and hold a concession card, or have a combined income of less than $90,000, can apply for the $1,000 rebate.

Rental Properties:

Rental properties are also now eligible to apply for the $1,000 rebate to help upgrade their heating and cooling system to an energy-efficient reverse cycle airconditioner to increase the comfort of their renters.

Rental providers can apply for up to two upgrades per financial year with a limit of one rebate per rental property.

To confirm the eligibility of your renter(s) or rental property the landlord will need to apply for the rebate on the Home Heating and Cooling Upgrade website.

A rental property is eligible if the property is: 

      • earning  $500 or less in weekly rent, or
      • occupied by renters holding a valid concession card or with a combined household income below $90,000, or
      • unoccupied with a potential to earn  $500 or less in weekly rent


    To get the rebate:

    You must replace an existing gas, fixed electric or wood heating or have no at home heating at all, with a Home Heating and Cooling Upgrade Program approved energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioner from a Home Heating and Cooling Upgrade Program supplier. So choose Lincoln Airconditioning & Refrigeration  from the approved supplier list and contact us today.

    For more information about eligibility please visit:

    How to claim the rebate

    1. Apply for the rebate

    Learn more about the program, find out if you meet the criteria and are eligible and apply for the rebate from:

    2. Once approved, contact us to arrange an onsite visit

    Once you are approved, you will receive a TOKEN. Then contact us to arrange a time to do your property assessment.

    3. Get a quote

    After your onsite assessment we will provide you with a written quotation.

    4. Accept your quote
    Once you have reviewed your quote you will be requested to accept it.

    5. Schedule your installation
    Once accepted we will schedule an installation day and time with you.

    6. Completion

    On completion of your installation we will provide you with the relevant compliance certificates and a tax invoice for the installation balance (with the rebates already applied).

    Please note our trading terms are payment within fourteen days

    Note: Households must confirm they are eligible before installing the airconditioner – rebates will not be paid retrospectively. 

    Note: In order to claim the rebate you must use an approved supplier from the Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program – that’s us, so contact us today on 03 5721 9255 

    Product approved list:

    The Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program has an approved list of energy-efficient models of reverse cycle airconditioners which are used by their approved suppliers.

    We can discuss our product list when we do your onsite quotation visit to determine which system is right for you.